New season, mean new yoga teacher at Angkor Zen. Ching arrive straight away from malaysia. Most of yoga teacher here, is always on the road, discover new country, new culture and new human’s connections.

Yes, it’s look like a dream job. Traveling and doing yoga all the day. We asked Chin some revelants questions about her journey as traveling yoga teacher.

chin traveling yoga teacher

What was your dream job when you were young ?

My dream was to become an actress

What was your inner intention when you decide to teach yoga and how long time ago ?

To change my life , I used to work on different jobs but I wasn’t happy, fortunately I found teaching yoga which became my real passion. I’m doing this from 4 years now.

What would you say to a person who want to start practice yoga ?

I would say, yoga practice is a process of ego death, a journey to discover the relationship between you and your body, listen carefully to the body and be playful and have fun, cause it’s nothing serious.

What is yoga for you ? 

For me, yoga is spiritual practice, it’s a life long journey.

How many country did you discover as a traveling yoga teacher ?

I’ve been to China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia and now Cambodia.

What do you like in this nomad way of life ?

My heart took me to the places where I went, and I’ve been learning so much along the way, and continually became a better teacher, I love being a nomad for now 🙂

What is your next step after angkor zen ? New country ?

I felt in love with nepal, the next step for me it’s to go back there and start my own studio.

namaste for interview

Thank you Chin to let us know about your journey ! If you want to reach more about Chin, you could follow her in her facebook page 

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