Only TWO words that will change your life.
It’s very simple. To get what you want, affirmations must be at present tense!

It’s a powerful exercice. What do YOU think about YOURSELF? What are you saying about who you are on a daily basis?

If we would like to see real change in our life as well as success in our endeavors, we must learn to re-program our thoughts and keep them positive – especially the thoughts about ourselves!

“I am” is a 100% pure statement of creation.

When you say I AM HAPPY, then life will provide you with the means to have happiness. Replace I WANT with I AM.
Be inspired by the list of affirmations below I AM and start to embody the power of I AM.

How to Use Your Positive I AM

You must make it a habit, everyday. The good news is, once you make this a conscious habit for some time, it becomes an unconscious habit. Make sure your affirmation only contains positive words. If your affirmation contains “don’t,” “can’t” or “won’t,” reframe the affirmation to affirm what you’re trying to achieve.

Take a few minutes to write them down or read them out-loud. Repeat your list as many times as feels right. You can as well use these worlds during the meditation with us like a mantra or in our home.

Repetition is the Key to Success!