Frequently asked questions


1) How far are we from the airport and from the center of Siem Reap?
We are located in Svay Prey village, 3 kms from the Old Market (Siem Reap center) and 14 kms (25 mn by tuktuk) from Siem Reap International airport.

2) Do you have a pick-up service when we arrive?
Yes, we do. We will pick you up at the airport on arrival or anywhere in town if you are already in Siem Reap. If you arrive by bus (or boat) and because buses are rarely on time, we are asking you to take a tuktuk when you arrive and ask the driver to call us at 077 416 524 (English) or 092 839 326 (Khmer) for directions. We will pay for your transport.

3) How can I go from Angkor Zen Gardens to Siem Reap?
We have our own tuktuk and a few more working with us in the village. You need to book ahead of time, if possible a few hours so we can get organized. You can also use one of our bicycles, for free, and it takes only 15 minutes to be right in the center of town.

4) How far are the temples and how can I visit it?
The temples are about 10 kms from Angkor Zen Gardens and we can help you with maps, information and transport (tuktuk) to go there.
Note: there is many many temples and 1 day is usually not enough to see the best ones, we suggest a 3 days pass (valid 1 week).

5) Check-in and check-out
Check-in is from 1 PM to 7PM but if your plane arrives at 8AM, don’t worry we will be at the airport to pick you up. If your flight arrives later than 7PM, we kindly ask you to check the first night in a hotel or guest-house (more than 800 in town) so you can enjoy a full retreat starting the next day. Let us know where you are and our driver will pick you up the next morning.
Note: if you arrive at the center before the regular check-in time you may have to wait until your room is ready around 1PM.

Check-out is at 11 AM or before, our staff really needs that time to clean up your room before the next guest arrive. If you have a late flight and wish to stay with us in the afternoon, just let us know. You can store your luggage at the dining room and enjoy the pool or having lunch with us.


1) Is there any Wi-Fi at the center?
Yes, we do have a very good Wi-Fi system in the common areas: dining room and around the swimming pool. However, you are here to enjoy life, nature and find yourself in a deeper level and do not encourage the permanent use of mobile phones, tablets or computers. We kindly ask you to refrain using it during meals and enjoy community time.

2) Do I need to participate to all yoga classes and meditation?
Nothing is mandatory, 4 yoga classes per day is a lot and you can choose to participate to whatever class you like. Many of our guests go spend some time in town or visit the temples during the day. You are free.

3) I am a beginner in Yoga and Meditation, would I be able to follow the classes?
Most of our guests are beginners and the Yoga classes are adapted to your level. There is rarely more than 12 people at each class and our teachers are very attentive to everybody.

Meditation is not a class, it is practice but if you are a beginner, you will be asked to come 15 mn before 6PM for some instruction. We practice Vipassana silent meditation and it last 45 minutes plus a few minutes to relax your body at the end.

4) I am allergic to cats, is there a problem?
We are nature and animal lovers at Angkor Zen Gardens. There is many cats, dogs, chicken and geese plus a variety of wild life.
We are sorry if you are allergic to cats or other animals but we cannot be responsible for any problems resulting from your condition. You are welcome here and maybe you can learn to live closer to nature. Our cats and dogs are well educated and will help you get rid of your stress.

5) What should I bring for my stay at the center?
We provide almost everything you need for stay: yoga mats, towels (2 for each person), umbrellas for the rainy season, flashlights in case of power cut (not so often lately). We do sale mosquito repellent, soap, toothpaste at our little shop.
During the cool months (December to February) you are advised to bring a light jacket, as it gets a little chilly at night and early morning.

6) Is the area quiet? I’ve heard Cambodia was noisy.
Cambodia is noisy… There is often weddings, funerals, ceremonies or parties in the villages. It can start as early as 4:30 AM and finish as late as midnight and sometimes very loud. There is nothing we can do about it, the whole country is the same and it is part of their culture. Find your inner silence is the best solution.

7) Is there any AC in the room?
Only Le Studio and 2 bungalows has AC. Bungalows are large, comfortable and well furnished with good beds and linen. There is a large ceiling fan or standing fans depending on the rooms and we also provide mosquito nests. There is 4 common bathrooms and 4 toilets just a few meters from the bungalows with hot and cold water. The dormitory has it’s own bathroom. Le Studio has it’s own bathroom.

8) Can I use the swimming pool any time?
Yes, our huge swimming pool is open 24hrs and you are welcome to use it any time. Please respect the silence if you use it at night. This a salt water pool, no chlorine used.

9) What if I decide to stay longer?
Please ask us, if we are not full, you are welcome to stay as long as you want.
Note: high season, from December to February, is pretty full each year so try to plan your stay well in advance as you might not be able to extend your stay at the last minute.

10) Is there any security or health problems in Siem Reap?
Health is not an issue in Siem Reap, except for food problems (be careful where you eat and avoid street food). There is no malaria here, do not take these dangerous anti-malaria pills recommended by your doctor…. They are useless and will make you sick!
Security is fine during the day until 8 or 9 PM but we don’t recommend walking in dark areas in the evening in Siem Reap. If you go out at night, stay downtown and make a time with your tuktuk to pick you up and come back safely to the center. Avoid unknown tuktuk as they don’t know where we are and charge you a lot more.

11) Do you have a safe deposit box?
Yes, we do, just ask at the reception and don’t forget to take your values back when you leave…

12) How many Yoga classes do you organize every day and is it mandatory to follow all classes?
There is 4 Yoga classes every day. None is mandatory but we kindly ask you to be on time to each class (5 mn before if possible) not to disturb others.

13) Is there a minimum stay in the center
Yes, the minimum stay is 3 days (3 nights).

14) Is there any good medical facilities in Siem Reap in case of a problem?
For simple problems, yes, local doctors are qualified. For something serious, there is an International hospital called Bangkok Hospital with good doctors. It is also very expensive and you will need an insurance to be able to pay the bill!


1) How do I pay my stay at Angkor Zen Gardens?
First you will be asked for a deposit per bungalow booked to secure your stay. We are often full and without deposit we cannot guarantee your space at the center. You can use your credit card to pay the deposit, check the the page Booking on this website and click on the logo Master/Visa and you will be directed to the payment page.
When you arrive, you will be asked to pay the balance in cash or using your credit card (a 3% bank fee applies). We cannot refund you if you decide to shorten your stay for any reason.
Extras like drinks, lunches, massages or else will be written on your room book and charged at the end of your stay.

If you want to pay cash, we can take US $ only. Local money, Riel, is just used in Cambodia to buy small things at the market. Most transactions are done in US$.

2) 3 nights minimum stay policy
Our policy is 3 nights minimum stay at the center. We ask you to stay for a minimum of 3 days to fully feel the benefits of the restorative activities on offer. It is understood that 3 nights means also 3 days (4 days on calendar but check in is at 1 PM and check out at 11 AM so it is 3 full days).

Some yoga booking agencies do advertise 3 nights/4 days retreat and we did complain about it. We cannot be held responsible for anyone else website although we are aware of this fact. Please contact them directly if you have any complain.


1) What kind of menu is served at Angkor Zen Gardens?
We serve only prime quality vegetarian food with some of the fruits and vegetables coming from our garden, according to season. We are not Vegan and do use milk and eggs in the food. We cook a good mixture of Asian (Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, Indian) food and some Western dishes.

For breakfast, served at 8:00 AM, you have a choice of homemade granola (gluten free), home made yoghurt, excellent locally made rye bread, a big seasonal fruit salad, honey and two different home made jams (passion fruit, mango, pineapple, dragon fruit….). We also have a tea break at 4PM with a Cambodia sweet snack served.
Note: Lunch is not included in your package and is charged $ 6 for our guests.

2) I’m following a gluten free diet, is it compatible with your menus?
Most of our dishes are gluten free but you will need to ask if unsure.

Any special diet should be discussed when you arrive and we will help you to make sure you are comfortable with your meals.

3) Can I drink the water on tap?
You should avoid drinking tap water but you can drink freely (and fill up your bottles) from the big water bottle in the kitchen counter. It comes from a 40 m deep well and is filtered again. It is totally safe to use.

4) I like to sleep in the morning, can I have my breakfast at 10 AM?
We are a retreat center and do not function like a hotel. Therefore, meals are served at fixed times. Breakfast is at 8 AM, Lunch at 12 PM, tea break at 4 PM and dinner at 7:30 PM. No exceptions.

If you have further questions that need to be answered, please email

Brilliant retreat would recommend to anyone. The retreat is small which made it feel very personal and everyone was very social at meal times. The food was excellent and we were always excite for see what the meals were going to be.


December 2018

Amazing 3 days!! Lovely community feel and amazing yoga teachers, as well as delicious food.


October 2018

The food, the location, the green,the yoga, the accommodation and most importantly the staff.


August 2018

This retreat is a very laid back, no fuss experience, which we loved. You don't feel pressured to attend every single classes and the sitting i very peaceful.  


Jully 2018

We loved everything about our stay here. From the amazing classes to the cute bungalow, to the delicious food.


April 2018