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Siem Reap town, Le Grand Hotel

Ricefilelds, a few hundred meters from the retreat center

Siem Reap town, along the river…

How to get here…

You will arrive in Siem Reap either by air, by boat or by road.
Siem Reap has a new international airport connected to all major cities in Asia with more and more low cost airlines like Air Asia.

There is boat connecting Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, it sometimes doesn’t operate in the dry season (January – May) because the waters are too low on the Tonle Sap lake. The port is 10 km from the town. The trip is slow and not very comfortable on a noisy boat.

Driving either from Thailand (Poipet border) or from Phnom Penh or Viet-Nam, on the national road 6, is relatively easy. The border experience is usually quick, requiring 2 passport photos $30 visa fees.

It takes between 5 and 6 hours to reach Siem Reap from the capital. Please write and ask us for more details about the best companies to travel with.

When you arrive in Siem Reap we recommend you go to the Old Market. If you arrive by plane, we will send a tuk-tuk to the airport. If you arrive by bus or by boat, the arrival times could vary greatly so, please, take a taxi or tuk-tuk (moto taxi) to the Old Market (downtown Siem Reap). We can pick you up there when you arrive if you let us know your details. We can discuss by mail the exact place to pick you up.

If you decide to come to Angkor Zen Gardens Retreat Center by yourself, please check the Google map on the website or itinerary.
We are 3 km West of the Old Market, on the road to Wat Chowk pagoda just after the pagoda, turn left and follow the sign Angkor Zen Gardens at 400 m. (It is not guaranteed that tuk-tuk drivers will know where to go, unless they are used to working with us).

Cambodian visa: It is strongly suggested to take your visa online to avoid long queues at the borders (land or airports). Go to for details.

Our mobile phone numbers: 012 699 210 (English/French)

Transportation to and from Angkor Zen Gardens Retreat Center

There are plenty of Tuk-Tuks available around town. We provide a free pick up on arrrival for our guests.for those wishing to visit the retreat for yoga or swimming etc , it costs $ 3 to $ 4 to come to our place from the Old Market, you may find some room for negotiation… There are also a few taxis, but they are harder to find.

From Angkor Zen guests can use our bicycles for free, or order a tuk-tuk, we have a few English speaking drivers working with us and they will charge only $3, $4 after 7pm) to the Old Market.

Always have our mobile number handy in case you are or feel lost or need to explain something in Khmer to your driver (most speak some English). We can provide all guests with maps of the local area and the temples

Our location


Wat Chork pagoda, 400m from Angkor Zen Gardens retreat center

Angkor Zen Gardens Retreat Center is located only 3 km from the center of town in a rural setting, on the edge of Svay Prey village (Wild mango village). The villagers are friendly, a bit shy but always smiling at smiling people (!), you can, and should take a walk around the village and have a look at the rice fields in the back of the village, with each season bringing different sights and sounds.

We like the rainy season, when everything is so green! The pagoda, Wat Chowk, is on the main road, feel free to walk there and sit in the main building, its quite impressive.

Of course, if you come to Siem Reap, we imagine you will be visiting the Angkor Wat temples. We will give you all information you need when you are here.Of course you can also find plenty of information on the internet.

We can arrange a tuk-tuk and a guide that speaks your language if you wish, then you can go straight from the retreat to the temples. From Angkor Zen Gardens to The Angkor Wat temple is a 20-minute drive.

More about Siem Reap here

Check-in & check-out

One of our bungalows

One of our bungalows

Please let us know at least 24 hours in advance of your estimated time of arrival. Check-in is from 1 PM until late afternoon (early check-in possible if we are not full, inquire.)

Evening check-in is less convenient but we can arrange it if it is before 7PM (we usually start the day early…!).

If you cannot make it before 7 PM, please let us know and we can help you book a guest-house or hotel in town for one night and pick you up in the morning.

Check-out is before 11AM (late check-out possible if we are not full).




We have 8 bungalows, a 3-beds dormitory and “Le Studio” available this year, built in the middle of the gardens. The bungalows are built completely from local tropical wood , with thatched roofs. They are very cosy inside. Of course open fire (candles or petrol lamps) are absolutely prohibited in or near the bungalows, if you want to burn incense or mosquito coils, please use the sand pot provided. There are not a lot of mosquitoes except at certain times, like around sunset and sunrise. Protect your arms and legs with long sleeves or mosquito repellent (if you don’t have any, we have some at the shop) and you will be fine. We provide mosquito nets for your beds.

All the bungalows are exactly the same size and shape (except for “Le Studio”). You

can decide to stay alone or share with your partner or friends , of course the cost is cheaper if you share (see our booking page for tariffs details).

New: 3-beds dormitory

3-beds dormitory

There are no bathrooms inside the bungalows , but a small house with 4 toilets and 4 bathrooms with hot/cold water stands near the bungalows, Having the toilets & showers seperate from your bungalow means much fewer mosquitos, less water noise and less plumbing problems…
Each room has electrical outlets, a ceiling fan and good lights.
Bed sheets and towels are provided and are changed
every 4 days or when ever needed.


Le Studio

Le Studio
Since January 2014, Angkor Zen Gardens Retreat Center is happy to offer a new “Deluxe” accommodation for our guests.
Le Studio has everything for those who want extra comfort while enjoying Yoga and meditation classes in the gardens:

  • A nice and bright bathroom with hot water
  • A big double or twin bedroom with AC
  • A large private terrace overlooking a fish pond

Our Surroundings

boatThe center itself is very peaceful and very quiet, but don’t forget, you are in Asia and in Cambodia… People here are not annoyed by noise and loud music, so ocassionally there are weddings, ceremonies, funerals or parties in the village or further afield,

It might start early and finish a little late , but never beyond midnight , and there is nothing we can do about it! We provide earplugs on the rare occasion there is such an event next door, or very close.

Food and drinks

foodFood is exclusively vegetarian with the use of milk and eggs sometimes. It is a variety of Asian and Western vegetarian quality food, some organic vegetables and fruits comes directly from our garden depending of the season and we are working on producing more. Breakfast and diner are served at fixed time, as we would like to enjoy the meals together. There is some flexibility with the afternoon snack, you could pick up some tea and your snack and enjoy it under the trees or by the pool.

Lunch is not included in your package, so feel free to eat in town, but if you decide to stay and eat with us, inform us before 8:30 AM so we have plenty of time to go to the market and prepare it for you. ($ 8 for our gests and $ 10 for visitors)

Anything special like a birthday dinner could be arranged, just ask the management and give us 24hrs notice.

Water: tap water is usually not potable in Cambodia but we have a 40 meters deep well with clear water and a sand filter, so we have prerfectly drinkable water. Various teas and water will be on the table with meals.

Other drinks: various soft drinks, bottled mineral water or coconuts are for sale and kept in the shop’s fridge.


We can accept children, 12 years old or more, if they can understand and follow our simple rules.



We have a wonderful open massage room over the lotus pond where you will be able to enjoy Khmer, Thai or Oil massage for a reasonable price. Ask when you are here.
Prices starts at $10 per hour…

TV & Internet

We do have a fast Internet connection through Wi-Fi in the dining room and surrounding, not in the bungalows.
We do not have TV.

Who Are We?

There is a small group of people permanently residing here:
Bruno, his wife Resa and their daughter Sylvie, are the owners.

Marc is the manager and will welcome you when you arrive.
We always have 2 yoga teachers coming from various countries. They are all certified

Khmer staff: the kitchen staff, housekeeping and groundsman who are forever smilingly going about their business keeping the retreat running for your pleasure.

Bruno L’Hoste is an artist and professional photographer who has been living in Cambodia for nearly twenty years. He started meditating in his early twenties and still does it at 60…. He was born in France but spent many years in the US and even more in Cambodia so you can talk to him in French, English or Khmer!

On top of all that , there’s a 2 dogs , Polly and Nico, and a few cats. The pets are all super clean and well cared for , and they are big hit amongst the guests here.


Why stay at Angkor Zen Gardens?

Angkor Zen Gardens retreat center is a unique and rare place in this area , we are not just a hotel or guest house.

We encourage you to participate in the various activities, and the general atmosphere of the retreat , and we do our best to leave you with great memories and a fresher, healthier more peaceful outlook.

We ask you to stay for a minimum of 3 days (3 nights), but recommend you stay for at least a week , to wind-down and relax and enjoy the beauty of the retreat, and to fully feel the benefits of the restorative activities on offer.

We live in a wonderful natural environment with plenty of space for everyone to reconnect to nature with the help of meditation.
You do not need to have previous experience with meditation or yoga to participate and you don’t need to bring your own equipment.

If you are interested in gardening in a tropical climate with respect for the environment, we have been doing it here since the year 2000 and we will be happy to share our knowledge. There is always something going in the gardens and you are welcome to participate if you feel like it.

Contact: – Ph: (855) 77 416 524 (English – French) or 12 410 805 (Khmer)


Your payment is required on arrival, everything will be paid in cash (US$ or Euros) or with your credit card (Visa or Master) if you are with us less than a week or every week if you stay longer than a week. A $ 100 deposit is required when you book your stay (see details at the page “Booking”).

If you need cash, there are a number of international banks in Siem Reap and many ATM’s, therefore it is easy to change money (and at a better rate than western countries).

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