Our center

Angkor Zen Gardens was rice fields at the edge of a small village 13 years ago. It’s now the largest and most exotic gardens in the region.

Our retreat center is dedicated to those of you who are looking for true peace of mind with the help of Meditation, Yoga, Massage and vegetarian food in a unique environment.


We are open to working with any organization/ individual who would like to rent our facilities for their own retreats or seminars.

Please send enquiries to info@angkorzen.com

swimming pool in angkor zen garden
bungalow in the retreat center
swimming pool in angkor zen garden

Our program

In Angkor Zen, you are free to plan your own journey. You can combine your retreat with the visit of famous temples.

We encourage you to do as much as possible all our class proposed, to get full benefit of your retreat.

We live in a wonderful natural environment with plenty of space, to reconnect to nature with the help of meditation.
You do not need to have previous experience with meditation or yoga to participate and you don’t need to bring your own equipment.

Smokers who cannot live without their cigarettes are asked not to do so in the restaurant, bungalows or any common areas. Gardens are big enough so you will surely find a place…!

Our peaceful retreat center will help you enjoy a deeper more spiritually beneficial experience to visiting the world’s largest religious monument – Angkor Wat. You are most welcome to participate in multiple activities with other guests. We are not as strict as some centers dedicated to Vipassana retreats (total silence, fast…etc.), however, in order to keep Angkor Zen Gardens peaceful, we ask our guests to avoid alcohol consumption and the use of any drugs while staying with us. It’s quite chilled enough already.

Our teachers come from various countries (usually not locally recruited) and must have at least 5 years personal practice and 3 years teaching practice. They must also have at least a 200 hours certification (RYS 200) and belong to the International Yoga Registry.

We hire mostly Yoga teachers who specialised on Vinyasa or Ashtanga practice and they teach at our center between 3 and 6 months. Teaching is always done in English.

You can enjoy our Daily program for a minimum of 3 days (3 nights) or take one session class (depending on available space).